There are a number of synthetic research chemicals commercially available from the cathinone class of medical compounds. Cathinone is a natural compound derived from the khat plant found in parts of Africa and the Middle East. Cathinone class medications are considered stimulants and are classed as amphetamines. They are commonly used as antidepressants.


4-bromomethcathinone, or 4-BMC, is an example of synthetic cathinone, and is often many times more potent than the organic version. It is considered addictive and, like other amphetamines, dangerous if used without a doctor’s care. If you want an experience like this one, you can inquire about 4-BMC. You can BUY 4-bmc  FOR SALE at reasonable price  because it is a reliable online vendor where you will find all different types of research chemicals for sale.   

In its recreational form, 4-BMC is often referred to as ‘Bath Salts’, and is sold as a lower cost substitute for cocaine and other psychotropic drugs. Other street names include:

  • Bloom
  • Cloud Nine
  • Flakka
  • Lunar Wave
  • Scarface
  • White Lightning
  • Vanilla Sky

While this chemical is available legally in many parts of the world, including the US, and is often sold for research purposes, the legal status of 4-BMC is less clear in the UK and other EU countries, and should be researched before purchase.

There are specific risks with the use of  4-BMC, including:

  • Increased anxiety, agitation and paranoia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression

Usually available in a powders crystalline form,  4-BMC is can be consumed orally, smoked or introduced to the system via the nasal passages.


Another cathinone class synthetic is Ethylone, a stimulant which also has psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties.  Ethylone is considered an amphetamine and is related to MDEA (or EVE).

Ethylone has not been in general use for very long, so the data on this drug is limited. It is similar in effect to methylone, a central nervous system stimulant, but usually at a lower level of potency.

Ethylone can produce a number of emotional and perceptive changes including:

  • Euphoria and increased empathy.
  • An increased feeling of being connected to other people, and a decrease in feelings of separation and isolation.
  • Feelings of tranquility, contentment and peace are also common.
  • A lowering of inhibitions is common, similar to the effects of alcohol on many people.
  • Ethylone acts as a central nervous system stimulant.
  • Increased and heightened color perception and discrimination has been reported, as well as increased sensitivity to the emotional effects of music.
IUPAC name[show]
CAS Number1112937-64-0 
PubChem CID57252245
CompTox Dashboard (EPA)DTXSID20894842

On the negative side, some users experience:

  • Mild hallucinations and psychedelic episodes.
  • Nausea.
  • Heart palpitation, hypertension, and Tachycardia.
  • Feelings of anxiety and paranoia.
  • Depression

For those who want to BUY ethylone  FOR SALE,  it is best that accurate information related with this drug should be known. As with any chemical, you should carefully research the legal and medical ramifications of their use. While these chemicals may be acquired legally in parts of the world, the regulations regarding their purchase, possession and handling will vary from region to region and are subject to change as more is learned about the short and long term effects of their use.

In many cases, these chemicals can only be used for research purposes and are considered controlled substances in some parts of the world. Recreational use of psychoactive chemicals is considered dangerous.

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